Couples Therapy – Over 15 years experience in treating couples

Why is marriage so tough at times?

How can we keep our marriage strong?

How can we rescue our marriage?

How do we blend together our families?

If you have had troubles in your relationship, you have probably gotten lots of advise.  It seems like everyone who has been married holds the answer to marriage problems.  You may have received advise from a TV show, a wise manicurist, or a book.

Every couple has difficult times which make them feel disconnected from each other.  Couples may even times of crisis which are confusing and difficult to work through.  Couples therapy can help partners reconnect in their day to day lives, even save a marriage by developing a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your lives together.

As a Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist, I have been trained in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Prepare-Enrich.  I work with couples in pre-marital, marriage enrichment and relational enhancement therapy to improve your marriage forever.